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My name is Peiying Feng. I also go by Cathy sometimes. I'm an artist & designer who loves creating work that merges different mediums and disciplines. I also love challenges and am always willing to try something new.

Some of the work I do includes web design, graphic design, game design, interactive installations, data visualizations and more.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, paintballing and being a unicorn.

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A new look

My portfolio gets a shiny new makeover.

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Tap That

A mobile game that aims to teach teens about sex education - without the awkwardness.

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For my own good?

A data visualizaiton depicting 500 sites that are being blocked by The Great Firewall of China.

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A projection installation about being female, told through different voices.

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An interactive installation which encourages the audience to work together to make the future a brighter place.

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