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My name is Peiying Feng. I'm a multimedia designer and creative developer who loves creating work that merges different mediums and disciplines. I also love challenges and am always willing to try something new.

I have a bachelor's degree in Information Design and a master's in Design & Technology from Parsons. I currently love my job at SGS Agency.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking and hiking.

At the moment, I am only taking on work through SGS Agency.

My Imaginary Friend

  • Installation

My Imaginary Friend is an interactive installation that was inspired by a moment of sadness where I was alone and wished that there was someone who would keep me company. I remembered then how as a child, when I was by myself, I would imagine that there was someone there to play with me. In this piece, I tried to create a friend who people could interact with, but like the imaginary friend that I would imagine playing with, does not truly exist -- much like the virtual world online today.

This work was created using openFrameworks and Kinect. It was my first time using openFrameworks/C++, so getting the concept to work was very challenging. I used a Gesture Recognition By Nick Gillian to recognize gestures using the Kinect. Whenever I had questions about using his code, he was very quick to respond, which I am beyond grateful. Needless to say, I am a big fan of the open-source community and hope one day to be able to contribute something back.

This work was exhibited in the Sense Without Boundaries exhibit at the Redtory Art District in Guangzhou, December 21st - January 5th, 2013.