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My name is Peiying Feng. I'm a multimedia designer and creative developer who loves creating work that merges different mediums and disciplines. I also love challenges and am always willing to try something new.

I have a bachelor's degree in Information Design and a master's in Design & Technology from Parsons. I currently love my job at SGS Agency.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking and hiking.

At the moment, I am only taking on work through SGS Agency.

Phone Obsession

  • Data Visualization

Phone Obsession is a project that I made with my friend Jessie Contour. For two weeks, we tracked our mobile phone usage using Moment, which tracked how many times we picked up our phones and how long we were on it. We then exported the data and cleaned it up in OpenRefine. Finally, we chose to use one week’s worth of data, since the first week we were pretty conscious of Moment’s existence on our phones. As a result we didn’t use our phones like we normally would. By the second week, we were more used to having it there.

As we were gathering data, we brainstormed together on what we wanted to create, and ultimately decided to create a tangible data visualization in the form of a phone. We decided to split my data on one half, and hers on the other half.

Once we had our data, we started drawing the data in Illustrator to create the paths that would be cut by laser on pieces of acrylic, which took a while to do. We decided to display our pickup times and time usage on the screen of an iPhone where the top of the phone was 00:00 and the bottom was 24:00. We split the phone in two, so the left side with the volume button showed my data, and the right side with the power button showed Jessie’s data. The red in the picture above is for etching, and the blue is for cutting. When we were done, we cut out the pieces using laser cutters.

Things We Learned