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My name is Peiying Feng. I'm a multimedia designer and creative developer who loves creating work that merges different mediums and disciplines. I also love challenges and am always willing to try something new.

I have a bachelor's degree in Information Design and a master's in Design & Technology from Parsons. I currently love my job at SGS Agency.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking and hiking.

At the moment, I am only taking on work through SGS Agency.

The Psychic Duck

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If you have questions, the Psychic Duck has answers.

Done as a quick JS library excercise in my Creative Computing Lab Class at Parsons, the Psychic duck is probably one of my favourite little projects that I've made, purely for its know-it-all attitude. The Duck can be a little bit temperamental sometimes though, so you'll have to catch it during its good mood. Visit the Psychic Duck.