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My name is Peiying Feng. I'm a multimedia designer and creative developer who loves creating work that merges different mediums and disciplines. I also love challenges and am always willing to try something new.

I have a bachelor's degree in Information Design and a master's in Design & Technology from Parsons. I currently love my job at SGS Agency.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking and hiking.

At the moment, I am only taking on work through SGS Agency.

The Yellow Hand Box

  • Installation

What is society and it's process of analyzing human behavior? How can we disrupt an unknowing audience? How can we interact with both the senses of touch and absence of sight?

The Assignment:

The Yellow Hand Box was created as part of a short two-week assignment working in a group. I teamed up with Caroline V. Nelson and Marcos Scheidt to create this epic installation.

The assignment was to create an intervention for a space that enables strangers to interact. In our case, we came up with the concept of a Yellow Hand Box in which our goal was to get people to interact with our hand. Together we built the box and took it to the Highline in New York City. Caroline and I documented the experience while Marcos played the hand. Marcos put together the video, while Caroline came up with the pretentious script in it. I put together the presentation that we presented at the end of the assignment (not shown).