5 Tips For Working Remotely From Home


When I moved to Los Angeles from New York, ironically I ended up working for a newly-started digital marketing agency based in New York. For two years, I worked remotely from home until we expanded the company to officially have an office in Los Angeles. That being said, today, 95% of the work I do is still done remotely as our clients are based all over the country.

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The Value of Great Design - Why Design Costs Vary


In today's world, you could pay $5, $1000, or more than $10,000 for something as small as a logo and still end up with something that looks good. So why are the costs so vastly different and why does it matter? The difference in price is very much the difference between poor design and great design.

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Finding The Right People to Build Your Website


The Internet has gotten a lot more complicated since I started building websites when I was 13 years old in my parents' house. There a lot more browsers, devices, frameworks and platforms. Front-end, back-end, React, Ruby, Python, UX/UI - it gets jargon-heavy real fast. So what and who do you need to get yourself a website?

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