Health & Wellness

Select examples of client work for brands in the health and wellness space.


I led a team to work with Hazel, a brand selling bladder control briefs, on improving their conversion rate, while also helping them do regular maintanence and updates.

We also helped work on improving site speed, landing page testing and technical SEO changes.

Landing Page Testing

I partnered with copywriters to put together different landing pages for A/B testing. Depending on the platform, I also implemented the page and the tests. For some clients, I worked with the client's developers to make sure the landing page was implemented and tracking was set up properly.

Wild Health
Wild Health, Genetics-Based Personalized Health Care
Midi Health
Midi Health, Insurance-Covered Care for Perimenopause and Menopause Women
Herself Health
Herself Health, Primary Care for Women 65 and Up
Noom Mood
Noom Mood, Mindfulness and Stress Management

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