SGS Agency

At SGS Agency, I directed various marketing-related design and development project.


My role at the agency has changed numerous times over the years. As one of the first employees at the company, my role in the beginning was to design ads and emails for our various clients. This later progressed to building and maintaining code for some of our clients. Today, I work with a team of designers, developers and copywriters on various marketing-related projects.

Here are some examples of work that I've done or directed a team to create.

In-House Work

I designed and built SGS Agency's website, our presentation templates, as well as our business cards, and other branded assets. I also helped set up company-wide project management tools, incorporated workflows between designers, developers and copywriters, and helped recruit new team members.

Client-Facing Work

My work for clients include, but is not limited to, designing and creating emails, designing ads for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, designing and building landing pages, directing team members creatively and technically, UX/UI consulting and client management.

Some of the clients I've worked with in various capacities include AUrate, Ursa Major, Smarty Pants, Year & Day, By Humankind, Public Goods, 29Rooms, Sustain Natural, Shine.

Various emails I designed or reviewed for various clients.

Various ads designed for various clients for different social media platforms.

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