Superbolt Agency

At Superbolt Agency, I lead a team of designers and developers to work on web-related projects.


Previously named SGS Agency, my role at the agency has adapted over the years since joining the company as one of the first employees. Today, my main responsibilities include client management, website data analysis, project management and UX/UI design and front-end web development.

The following are some examples of the work I've done.

In-House Work

  • I led a team of designers, copywriters and developers to design and build the company's website.
  • I also work on creating and leading a new vertical at Superbolt Agency.

Client-Facing Work

My interactions and role with clients vary based on their needs. Some of the key work I did for clients include:

  • Maintaining and helping clients design and build new features or make updates to their Shopify stores. Brands I've worked with in this capacity include Studs, Adore Adorn, Ettitude
  • Designed and built custom landing pages for marketing purposes with the help of copywriters. Brands I've worked with in this capacity include Maiden Home, Natura, Ask Tia, Real.
  • Designing brand identities and/or websites for up-and-coming brands. Brands I've worked with in this capacity include Fab Habitat, Parisa Wang, The Diversity Marketing Consortium, Auto-Tune.
  • Analyzing web performance data and providing actionable insights to improve performance. Brands I've worked with in this capacity include Great Jones, Looma, Natura, WTHN, TireAgent
  • Troubleshooting and setting up tracking for digital marketing for over 100+ clients.
  • Consulting for over 60+ clients.

A Little Fun Above and Beyond

Occasionally, if I order some of our clients' products, I'll create some content for them in formats that are likely to perform well on ads. This ad I shot for our client Goodfish has been one of their top performing ads as of writing.

Sample Client Work

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