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At Try The World, I worked mainly as a front-end web designer and developer. Here are some of the highlights of my work during this time.


My responsibilities ranged from creating new concepts and designs to realizing those designs. Later on, my responsibilities also included creating emails for marketing purposes. I also occasionally did print work when needed. Here are some highlights of the work I did at Try The World:

Try The World Canada

Try The World expanded to shipping to Canada during the first few months I was there. Due to restraints on the product side of Try The World, a separate Try The World site was needed for Canadian users. As only Try The World's Countries Box can be delivered in Canada, the amount of information needed to be shown was much less than that of the U.S. site. As a result I designed and implemented a one-page design, with redirects depending on visitors' locations.

Visit Try The World Canada

Pantry by Try The World

Pantry is one of Try The World's latest subscription box services, where you can receive a personalized box subscription by first filling out a short questionnaire. I worked with co-worker Madhav Tankha to create the landing page for the product. He designed and coded the questionnaire, while I drew the illustrations and icons used throughout the Pantry pages.

To give Pantry a try, visit

Spin The World

Spin The World is a special offers landing page that I created for Black Friday. The marketing team wanted to create a wheel-of-fortune where visitors received different offers based on where they spun and landed on the wheel. I designed the page, illustrated all the assets, and then coded the page, of which some of the functionality included collecting emails from first-time visitors, emailing their results and allowing users to spin again if they shared their results on social media.

Customer Account

This is probably one of my favourite projects that I worked on while at Try The World. Working with our back-end team and our customer experience team, I updated the account section of the Try The World site, giving users a cleaner and more organized view of their account information. I also implemented new features, such as announcements to let subscribers know if their boxes have been delayed. I loved re-desiging this section with customers in mind to give them a good user experience. Coding this design was challenging, since everything is run on a Shopify platform, therefore I only had one page to show all the account "pages". However, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this. The account section is still a work-in-progress and more features are being built based on the designs I made.

Marketing Emails and Gift Cards

Aside from working on the website, my responsiblities also included working with the marketing team to create marketing emails and gift cards that were sent out. Some of the emails I created have had the highest conversions of all Try The World marketing emails.

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